Our Mission

A tremendous amount of aid gets to the continent of Africa, but due to inefficiency, waste and corruption, much of it does not reach the people who need it most. One of these groups of people in tremendous need are OVC (orphans and vulnerable children), whose prevalence is rising in Zimbabwe (read more about OVC here). From my experience living in Africa for two years and from many subsequent visits, I was moved to start Footsteps for Africa to provide aid for OVC and physically be there every step of the way to ensure that aid reached the populations of OVC we are serving. I will personally be in every area we distribute aid, build schools or other structures, establish food programs, provide healthcare with our healthcare partners, and any other aid we provide.

Austin Cameron
Founder, CEO

The Footsteps For Africa Team

Footsteps was Founded in 2010 by Austin Cameron, who brought on board his sister Tiara Cameron in 2012. Austin and Tiara are two siblings of a close family of seven children.