One in three Namibian children will be categorized as orphans and vulnerable children by 2021.

3 out of 4 of these will be orphaned by AIDS (source: UNICEF)

Here is how you can help:

Why Footsteps For Africa

Footsteps for Africa is dedicated to serving Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC) as well as women and families in need.

2019 School Initiative

June 2019 Initiative – place school building and stock with donated books. You can volunteer or donate!

Water Wells in Zimbabwe

We will send a rig to a remote region outside Nyamaropa to dig several badly needed clean water wells.

Our Unique Success

Footsteps for Africa has provided aid to over 5,000 OVC in over 50 schools and orphanages Namibia and Zimbabwe since 2010. We are more efficient than most other aids organizations in southern Africa because we ensure that we are physically present at every step of the humanitarian initiative, whether it be the importation and distribution of goods, the building of facilities, implementation of medical or food programs, etc. We ensure that the aid reaches those who need it most. Our partnerships with other aid organizations in Zimbabwe and Namibia, government relationships, knowledge of the culture and continual needs assessment ensure that our initiatives target the most critical needs and are deployed quickly, responsibly, and successfully.

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Message from the founder, Austin Cameron

I started Footsteps for Africa after developing a strong love for and passion to serve Orphans and Vulnerable Children during my time in Africa. I saw first-hand how much corruption, greed or inefficiency hampered humanitarian efforts. This prevented many disadvantaged children from received the aid they so desperately needed.
Our mission is to physically be on the ground, every step of of the way to ensure our aid reaches these kids. We treat every donated dollar we receive as sacred, having the potential to change a child’s life.
100% of our public donations go directly towards the purchase of the schools we build, books and supplies we bring and distribute, water wells we did, and sustainable food programs we support.
Join us in this mission to change lives!

Our Most Trusted Supporting partners

Monthly Giving Community

Help us solve the needs of those most vulnerable in Africa. Every dollar of publicly donated funds is spent directly on aid for the Orphans and Vulnerable Chilren (OVC) we serve in Namibia and Zimbabwe. In 2019, we will be placing a retro-fitted 40′ shipping container school building next to a school in rural Eeshoke village in northern Namibia (4km away from Oshikango), and stocking it with books and supplies. It will serve as a free-access learning center not only for the 350 primary-aged school children at the school, but for the entire surrounding community. In Zimbabwe, we will be shipping a manual, portable borehole drill to dig badly needed water wells in a remote region on the border of Mozambique.

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