2018 – Distributing School Supplies

A special thank you to:
Ellie Kanner
Larry Leobowitz
Kim and Melinda Cameron
Cheyenne and Zack Robertson
Brittany and James Gillingham

In September, 2018, we visited Harare and Nyamaropa, Zimbabwe. We provided school supplies to 516 children, including over 100 orphans and vulnerable children. All of these children walk to school over mountainous terrain, with some walking as much as 20 miles PER DAY round trip.

We also scouted out areas where we would dig badly needed boreholes to provide the schools and region with clean water. We will have these rigs in place by the latter part of 2019.

Fundraising goal for Clean Water Initiative: $7,500

Unlike public school the United States, school is Zimbabwe is not free. Every child must pay school fees, in addition to purchasing required uniforms and school supplies. So many families are unable to afford school fees for their children that the government encourages schools to accept livestock and manual labor in exchange for school fees. 

Distributing Supplies, Preparing For Water Wells and Schools