Our Mission

A tremendous amount of aid gets to the continent of Africa, but due to inefficiency, waste and corruption, much of it does not reach the people who need it most. One of these groups of people in tremendous need are OVC (orphans and vulnerable children), whose prevalence is rising in Zimbabwe (read more about OVC here). From my experience living in Africa for two years and from many subsequent visits, I was moved to start Footsteps for Africa to provide aid for OVC and physically be there every step of the way to ensure that aid reached the populations of OVC we are serving. I will personally be in every area we distribute aid, build schools or other structures, establish food programs, provide healthcare with our healthcare partners, and any other aid we provide.


Austin Cameron
Founder, CEO



The Footsteps For Africa Team

Footsteps was Founded in 2010 by Austin Cameron, who brought on board his sister Tiara Cameron in 2012. Austin and Tiara are two siblings of a close family of seven children. For Footsteps For Africa’s 2018-2019 initiative, Austin brought on Irani Kombore as the Zimbabwe Country Director.

Foot Steps For Africa

About Austin Cameron – CEO Footsteps For Africa

Austin served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) from 2002-2004, spending time in Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Zambia. It was during a time of civil unrest, the economies collapsing, food shortages increasing and lack of safety becoming more apparent.

Given the increasing food and supply shortages, the Mormon Church started shipping in supplies, which missionaries distributed to an ever-increasing population of needy individuals. Austin became aware of many other organizations shipping in various goods to assist the people. It became clear, however, that only a small percentage of goods was reaching the people who needed it most. Corruption and inefficiency were hampering a multitude of humanitarian efforts, with populations of people that desperately needed assistance that was not finding them.

Austin returned to school in the United States after his mission, but did not forget the plight of so many in Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia. He was resolved to do something about it.

In 2006, Austin decided to return to Africa for an anthropology study abroad to Namibia. He studied the Himba, and exotic and beautiful tribe in northern Namibia. Like in Zimbabwe and Zambia. As part of the study abroad, he toured the country, during which they visited extremely impoverished areas. Austin’s desire to help was solidified. When he returned to the country in 2009 to conduct his master’s thesis research, he brought stacks of new shirts for the children he knew he would visit. It was a very small effort, but the beginning of something bigger.

In 2010, Austin started Footsteps for Africa. Footsteps remains his biggest passion.

After working in Healthcare IT for 6 years, Austin joined Broadwell Air Domes (www.broadwellairdomes.com) as their Chief Strategy Officer. Broadwell is a large international air supported structures company with a presence in 11 countries. They are the largest sports facilities company in all of China. Along with his brother and business partner, Cam, he runs the North American market for Broadwell and is over international strategic partnerships and business development.

About Tiara Cameron – Chair, Board of Directors

Tiara Cameron joined Austin to help in the Footsteps effort in 2012.

Tiara is a Partner at Vision Capital Partners in Salt Lake City, Utah, with experience in consulting, deal sourcing, raising capital for corporations, business structure, and corporate management.

She is the founder and CEO of a health and wellness business, Women’s Protein, as well as a Wellness consultant for companies and organizations nationally and internationally. She is the creator of Tiara Protein Powder. For the past nine years, she has been a “digital influencer”, and is in the top one percent of LinkedIn’s viewed profiles.

Ms. Cameron specializes in bringing companies together and generating corporate financial deals. Tiara was educated at Brigham Young University, Idaho.

Tiara’s greatest passion lies in being the mother to her three exceptional children. She is dedicated to doing all she can to help other children in Africa enjoy the safety, nutrition, education and healthcare her own children enjoy living in the United States.


About Irani Kombore – Zimbabwe Country Director

Austin met Irani in Zimbabwe in 2004 and they have coordinated on several humanitarian initiatives in Zimbabwe. Footsteps For Africa’s 2018 initiative is our most ambitious yet. Irani coordinates the Zimbabwe construction, project management, and volunteer teams for our upcoming initiatives.