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Critical 2022 Need:
Bunk Houses and Dining Hall for Children Living in Shacks on School Grounds

During a 2019 trip to Namibia, we visited the very rural Oshamukweni School on the northern border of Namibia. What we saw shocked us. Most of the 300 pupils came from villages between 12-26km away, requiring them to stay on school grounds during the school year. This included over 100 students that were 14 years old. Due to no school hostels, these children lived in shacks made of sticks and corrugated iron sheets, and they cooked their food on makeshift fire pits. Some students in closer proximity to the school used donkey carts to travel to school.

Amazingly, this school has a 100% graduation rate! These are truly incredible children, succeeding in some of the worst conditions possible.

The need to build adequate facilities for these children is critical. Please consider donating to this initiative to help these children! See below for further information.

Location: Oshamukweni Combined School, Namibia, Near Okango, Namibia

Exact location:

This is a school where children come from neighboring San villages, which can be as far away as 20km. Since the children cannot walk to and from school every day, they must live near school grounds. Currently, these children live in make-shift hostiles made from sheet metal or sticks. They do not have sanitary toilet facilities. They cook their meals on outdoor wood fires. The Bunkhouse costs will include the building of bunk houses with bathroom facilities.

$100,000 – 2-bunk houses built next to the school housing up to 100 children (includes materials, transportation, permits, construction, plumbing, electricity brought in by government, bathroom installation in each bunkhouse)

$150,000 – Kitchen and dining hall for children, including starter garden for vegetables. These children currently cook outside in open fire pits. The school provides a school lunch of porridge, but with inconsistent vegetables or a source of protein, nutrition is severely lacking.

$4,000 – School supplies for 50 children for an entire school year.

$18,000 – Water borehole, Pump, Drilling, Transportation

Location: School in Kavango, Namibia

$18,000 – Water borehole, Pump, Drilling, Transportation

$20,000 – Shipping Container Library, Retrofitted container, electricity and lighting, doors/windows, furniture, shelves, shipping to site

$4,000 – School supplies for 50 children for an entire school year.

Location: Shalumbu, Namibia – School

$18,000 – Water borehole, Pump, Drilling, Transportation

*Details on 2022 Zimbabwe initiatives coming soon!*